The position of the Council on the Agreement with Iran

After hearing independent experts in the field of defense and nuclear weapons, the Council for Peace and Security (CPS) held a consultation among its members who are involved in the areas of national security and formulated the following position:

Although the agreement signed in Vienna between the world powers and Iran is not optimal, it should remove the immediate threat of an Iranian break-out leading to a nuclear military capability within a few months, as the situation without the agreement and prior to the interim agreement was evaluated. The agreement is expected to lengthen the break-out time to 12 months for at least 10 years.


The realization of the agreement requires even stricter and more invasive inspection than that provided for in the agreement. Israel must act to ensure the optimal implementation of inspection and must constantly seek to improve its intelligence capabilities in the Iranian context, in cooperation with the United States and European countries committed to inspecting the precise implementation of the agreement and to imposing sanctions on Iran if it violates the agreement.


The agreement has not curtailed Iran's aspirations to secure regional hegemony, nor its support for terror elements and for the radical Shi'ite axis. Accordingly, it is not expected to contribute to reducing the dangers facing Israel. However, the Iranian subversive threat is no less of a challenge to the pragmatic Sunni bloc in the Middle East. The government of Israel would do well to leverage this common interest with the Sunni countries (Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and the Gulf states), which has become more acute following the agreement, in order to build a common regional defense structure with the assistance and support of the United States.


CPS emphasizes that Israel's relationship with the United States is a cardinal strategic asset. The government of Israel must act immediately and vigorously to restore the relationship with the United States to a positive and constructive track. Among other steps, it is essential to make the most of the American willingness to formulate a package of security assistance that will improve the IDF's response to the immediate risks resulting from regional instability and to the long-term risk of a return by Iran to the development of nuclear weapons.

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