The Peace and Security Association – Association of National Security experts in Israel


Organizational Overview

The Peace and Security Association was established in 1988 by a group of reserve officers led by the late General Aharon Yariv who was the founder and Head of the Jaffe Center for Strategic Studies at Tel Aviv University (today named the Institue for National Security Studies) and prior to that the Head of the Israel Defense Forces Intelligence Branch. The realization that Israeli society and leadership, under the current structure, can benefit from a "checks and balances" system that will offset and balance the dominant security establishment and its internal interests, lead to the establishment of The Peace and Security Association. 
The Peace and Security Association is a non-profit, non-partisan, voluntary membership-based organization engaging over hundreds of high-ranking members from the security and diplomacy establishments. The association supports a viable and sustainable peaceful resolution to the conflict in the Middle East as a necessary step towards ensuring Israel's security and social resilience under any agreement and maintaining its democratic foundation in the long-term.  
The association was founded based on the notion that security is a field requiring experience and professional knowledge that can be utilized and leveraged to advance viable and effective solutions towards achieving regional peace and stability in the Middle East.
The organization's uniqueness stems from the fact that senior experts on national security and ex security establishment personnel are engaged in setting policy directive and raising public awareness in favor of a two-state solution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and peaceful resolution of the regional tensions. The association supports the Middle East peace process as a necessary component of Israel's national security, and details the claim along central topics of contention, such as secure borders, right to return, military spending, Palestinian leadership and more. Too often the debate on peace and security is monopolized by hawkish definitions of "security interests" and fear of the unknown "other" as a threat. The association is instrumental in breaching these definitions and re-thinking national security in peaceful terms, promoting peace as a major building block in Israel's national security strategy. 

Organizational Mission

The association's membership base is comprised of senior security establishment members, such as former high-ranking officers of the Israel Defense Force (IDF), former holders of equivalent positions in the Mossad and Shin Beth Security Services, the Israel Police, retired diplomats, directors of Government Ministries and academia experts. The association aims to leverage its expert members’ experience and knowledge onto the public debate, enabling the public to form knowledgeable opinions on security-related issues and the compromises entailed in the regional peace process. Moreover, the association works to defend and strengthen the democratic values and laws of the state of Israel as complementary to the state's security interests and social resilience.
Our Activities
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