Meeting with citizens of southern Israel
In the past months we have been meeting with the citizens living in southern Israel. These meetings have been the joint initiative of the Council for Peace and Security and the Council and Movement for the future of the Western Negev. The meeting, in Ashkelon,  was attended by the current CEO of the Council, Lieutenant Colonel (ret) Aviv  Feigel with the aim of building a core of future activities for the Movement for the Future of The Western Negev in the city.
The second meeting was with residents of kibbutz Or haNer, with Council Member Warden (ret) Eyal Gover. Eyal presented to the residents analysis of both the current situation and why the reality of life in the area is not simple
The Third meeting took place in Kibbutz Dorot with Council Member Dan Rotem. This meeting centered on the core issues and final status negotiations in the Palestinian Israeli conflict
These meetings have been welcomed by residents and have created interesting debates.
Additional meetings will be happening in the coming months
Meeting with pre-military college cadets
On the 19th of March 2014 Council for peace and security member General (ret) Nati Sharoni met with cadets from the Yoni Netanyahu pre-military college in Kibbutz Alumim in the Gaza region.
General Sharoni explained the historical roots of the Palestinian Israeli conflict, the characteristics of the current situation and the Including the issue of the negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority
. This successful meeting is one of many that members of the Council for Peace and Security have with pre-army programs across the country in order to express the ideas and principles of the Council .
Meetings with the next generation of IDF commanders
On June 14, 2014, Col. (res ) Shaul Arieli , a member of the Peace and Security Council , held a meeting with cadets at Training Base 1 and presented a lecture centering around description and analysis of the major 
milestones Israeli-Palestinian conflict from the perspective of both parties and the International community.
These milestones included, The Balfour Declaration , the Mandate , the Peel Commission partition resolution , the War of Independence , the Six Day War , Resolution 242 , Palestinian Declaration of Independence in 1988 and the Oslo process since 1993. It also reviewed the positions of the parties during the negotiations in relation to five core issues - recognition, borders, security, Jerusalem and refugees.
The cadets have expressed a strong interest in the subject which they say is not treated sufficiently by the military education system and the role of the Commander requires a deeper understanding of the conflict.
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