Meeting with the US Ambassador to Israel, Mr. Dan Shapiro

The Council for Peace and Security hosted a meeting on 22/10/2014 with the US ambassador to Israel, Dan Shapiro. This meeting was welcomed with great interest by the Council's Members. Ambassador Shapiro briefed the forum on the situation in wake of Operation Protective Edge, emphasizing the US commitment to Israel's security and a two-state solution to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Speaking at the opening of the event, Chairman of the Council for Peace and Security, Brigadier General (retired) Gadi Zohar said: "I am delighted to host the US Ambassador, Mr. Dan Shapiro, as a guest of the Council for Peace and Security. Around us is the storm the State of Israel is at the heart of this storm.  Israel must decide what her goals are, what is her path, and how will she secure her future as the homeland for the Jewish people and as an egalitarian and democratic state. 
We, at the Council are concerned that the path that the current government has chosen will endanger our national security, harm our standing in the International community and the chance to reach a political agreement with the Palestinian people and states in the region.
Members of the Council believes that the two states solution is an essential factor in national security and looks with great concern on the possibility of a one state solution, or as it is sometimes mistakenly called a bi-national state, that would endanger the future of Israel as the Jewish homeland and an equal and democratic state.
We believe that the relationship with the United States of America is of long-term strategic importance and should not be damaged despite the legitimate differences in opinion, to which I am sure we will discuss this evening.
Again, we thank the Ambassador for accepting our invitation, and to the large audience who participated.
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