Council Meets with Leaders of the Russian Speaking Community

As part of a unique event held on 11.12.2014 at the initiative of the Council for Peace and Security, in conjunction with 
the Heritage Foundation screened the film "The Gatekeepers" in Russian after which an open discussion was held with the audience of community leaders of the Russian-speaking population. Participating in the discussion was former H
ead of the Shin Bet, Carmi Gillon and Chairman of The Council for Peace and Security, Brig. Gen. (res) Gadi Zohar. The Council for Peace and Security is of the opinion that today perhaps more than ever it is important to have a sincere dialogue between the various components of Israeli society, the aim of the dialogue was to shed light on views and opinions different sides. Watching the film 'The 
Gatekeepers' and the conversation with Mr. Carmi Gillon were in our opinion an excellent basis for dialogue and exchange of views on issues at hand, particularly the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and possible courses of action.
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