Justice Minister Tzipi Livni addresses CPS Conference - 20/11/2014

Since its establishment, the State of Israel has been fighting on several fronts, abroad and at home. On 20/11/2014 the Council for Peace and Security convened a conference on State Security and Social Agenda. The conference, held at The Israeli Air Force Center in Herzliya, united leading experts in panel discussions on a number of important issues. Amongst the issues discussed were "Lessons from Operation Protective Edge in relation to the northern arena" panelists in this discussion included; General (ret) Uri Sagi; Major General (res) Eyal Ben-Reuven; Ms. Sima Shine, head of the Ministry of Strategic Affairs; And Commander (Ret) Alick Ron.
The second panel titled "People's Army or God's Army" which dealt with the increasingly religious nature of the IDF was attended by Brigadier General (Ret) Avihay Rontzky; Colonel (Ret) Ofra Ben-Yishai; Colonel (Ret) Dr. Amir Bar-Or; And Prof. Y. Stern.
 The panel discussions were directed by Amos Harel, military analyst for "Haaretz". In addition, the keynote address at the conference carried MK Tzipi Livni, Justice Minister and Chairwoman of the party "Hatnuah"
Gen. (res) Gadi Zohar, Chairman of The Council for Peace and Security, said at the conference: "We are at a critical stage in the life of Israel, if not protected as a democratic state with a solid Jewish majority, equitable and acceptable to the family of nations. If we do not manage to overcome the strong trend that is prevailing and pulling us to a future in Israel that is non democratic, without a Jewish majority, without defined borders and not welcome in the family of nations. This is a template for a bi-national one-state solution, from the sea to the Jordan River, where there could be no Zionist vision of a democratic, egalitarian state. This danger is lurking around the corner, and because it is difficult to conceptualize this future, we continue to slide down this slippery slope. We must find the strength to stop, make the repairs required and calculate a new route. The political arena is consistently disappointing, and those who are supposed to unite, or at least co-operate to make a difference are not doing this for political reasons. It is our responsibility to provide a counterweight to this and use our knowledge and experience to paint as realistic as possible image of the risks, opportunities and prospects."
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