Meeting with Chairman of the Opposition MK Herzog

On the 10th July 2014  at the Council for Peace and Security Conference, Head of the Opposition MK Issac (Buji)Herzog (Labor) called upon the Government to return to negotiations "I am not giving up on the dream to achieve peace and separation in order to keep the future of our country  The only ones who risked mediation between the parties and put their reputations on the 'grill' are the Americans. I'm not sure that the President and the US Government are ready to do it again. At this point, both parties can conduct negotiations alone. It is possible to start with border and security issues first, resolve these disputes and move on to other issues.  It is imperative that Gaza be part of the political equation, I am not willing for Gaza to become a second Palestinian State, it will be part of an arrangement that includes Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip together".
 The conference, an initiative of the Council for Peace and Security was held on the 10th of July at the Israel Air Force Center in Herzliya, and was attended by 200 former high ranking members of the different security apparatuses.  The attendees discussed possible directions and actions between the Israelis and the Palestinians. In April 2014 the negotiations came to a deep stagnation and the political future came to a crossroads. As an organization facing decision makers, The Council for Peace and Security brought together, in one assembly, many professional opinions in an attempt to hold consultations on how to advance towards a practical solution to the conflict.
Brig. Gen. (res) Gadi Zohar, Chairman of the Council for Peace and Security, expressed during the conference. " Part of the program of the Council for Peace and Security has been incorporated into the thinking of the US team that has accompanied the Secretary of State Kerry. The absence of determination of the Palestinian and Israeli leadership allow reality to dictate the future and nature of the country, this is a substantial and immediate danger to Israel, national strength and her security"
Col. (res) Shaul Arieli, a member of the Council for Peace and Security remarked "in the Council's Program, we found a way to resolve core issues. Let's start with an agreement on territorial issues, implement it, but not complete the reassessment of Israel's territory without a re-take over of Gaza by the Palestinian Authority and a resolution to the refugee problem, in parallel we will continue the discussion on other core issues. This process could continue throughout the decade."
Advocate Gilad Saar, Joint Chairman of the Movement for a Blue and White Future said " After this bloody round, when quiet fell on the country, we should ask again: what should Israel do in order for its borders to surround a secure democracy with a Jewish majority, that has international recognition? Israel requires a clear program, and it is her responsibility to set an alternative set of practical strategies including gradual progress, partial agreements and independent steps to create a reality of two states. We must strive to separate from the Palestinians and create our own initiative of two states for two people, whether that be through peace negotiations- plan A or independently –plan B.
Also taking part in the panel discussion, during the conference, was Kobi Huberman, founder of the Israel Initiative, who presented the benefits of the Arab Initiative and Israel Harel, founder of the "Institute for Zionist Strategies". The panel was guided by Brig. Gen. (res) Israela Oron, Board Member of the Council for Peace and Security. 
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