Tzuk Eitan is still here, Discussion in the center of Tel Aviv

On Friday the 14th/11/2014 ,The Council for Peace and Security, in conjunction with the Movement for the future of the Western Negev, organized a round table discussion, held at the Suzanne Delal Centre in the Neve Tzedek neighborhood. Residents of the south and center as well as passers-by gathered in open discussion circles. The conversation centered on the implications of the recent fighting in the south.
In the open discussions the residents of the south shared their opinions and their personal experiences. Following the open discussions a professional review was given by Council Members, Lt Col (res) Aviv Feigl, CEO of the Council for Peace and Security, Col. (res) Itamar Yaar (res) Brig. Gen (res) Dov (Popi) Sedaka and Col. (res) Pnina Sharvit Baruch.
Brig. Gen. (res) Gadi Zohar Chairman of the Council for Peace and Security commented "The war of last summer shook a whole nation and disrupted the routine of the country. With the end of the campaign the statements made by decision makers about Israel under attack became a repressed memory, as if it had never happened. The Council, in co-operation with the movement for the future of the Western Negev, is bringing the discourse of the residents of the south to the center to make it clear to the Israeli Government that the absence of a political process has not achieved a solution to the security situation throughout the country and the south specifically"
Lt. Col. (res) Aviv Feigel CEO of the Council for Peace and Security said "the prevailing situation in the south and Gaza region following "Protective Edge" unfortunately reflects the lack of clear and consistent strategy by the Israeli Government to achieve political goals this is demonstrated by the "cut paste" approach to conflict management over a sincere effort to reach a solution.  The resident of the south have all the legitimacy to demand, from their government, a long term sustainable solution to the situation they are currently in."
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