Talks on National Security in Netanya, Karmiel and Haifa

Since the inception of the Talks on National Security project for the English-speaking community in Israel, the Pecae and Security Association, in collaboration with ESRA, has met with some 200 members of the community, in various locations. These included:
  • The first two (and highly successful) meetings in Karmiel and Haifa.
  • A talk in the ESRA FIve Towns branch in Caesarea by Col (res.) Itamar Ya'ar
  • A second talk in Karmiel by Brig. Gen. (res.) Dov (Fufe) Sedaka, who spoke about his experience as the head of the Civil Administration in the West Bank, and his projections for the future development of the region and possible results of the conflict;
  • A second talk in Haifa by Prof. Amatzia Baram, whoe spoke about the Islamic world, and how religion plays a central role in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as well as methods to address such tensions;
  • And the first talk in Netanya with Helit Barel, former senior member of the Israeli National Security Council, who spoke about the special relationship israel has the the United States and the crucial connection with American Jewry.
The Peace and Security Association is pleased to have managed to reach out to a community which is very much interested in the content and opinions of our experts. There have been many positive feedback messages sent trhough, and requests for additional talks to be held in the future. There is currently a third talk planned for Karmiel in May, and a second talk planned for Netanya in June. We welcome the English-speaking community to further engage in discussions on matters pertaining to Israel's national security, and look forward to additional fruitful discussions on contemporary issues we are all facing as citizens of Israel.
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