Talks on National Security continues in Haifa with Brig. Gen. (ret.) Gadi Zohar

After a first successful event in Karmiel, the cooperation between ESRA and the Peace and Security Association continued yesterday evening at Beit Hecht in Haifa. The local ESRA branch hosted Brig. Gen. (ret.) Gadi Zohar, Chairman of the Peace and Security Association, for a thought-provoking talk on national security.
Zohar presented the Association's view on the current political situation and the apparent "deadlock" between the Israelis and Palestinians. He noted that time is not working in our favour, and noted various aspects of the conflict from the Israeli perspective.
Bulding on his experience in the Civil Administration in the West Bank, and as a party to the discussions with the Palestinians in the 90's, Zohar provided insight into the opportunities and challenges that Israel has and is currently facing, and the possible routes ahead.
The Peace and Security Association is planning on hosting additional talks in this series with English-speaking communities across Israel, with an upcoming event in Caesarea this month, and an additional event in Karmiel in October. If you wish to host a speaker from the Peace and Security Association, feel free to contact our Project Manager, Rafi Weinberg Littman, at to coordinate an event.
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