The PSA host a special meeting with Moshe (Bogi) Ya'alon

The Peace and Security Association held a special meeting with former Minister of Defense and Chief of the General Staff, Moshe (Bogi) Ya'alon, on Thursday, 29th June, at the Air Force House in Herzliya, with some 100 guests attending.
Chirman of the Peace and Security Association, Brigadier General (ret.) Gadi Zohar, stated in his opening remarks that "we will do everything to protect Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people within safe borders, and recognize a grave danger in the possibility of slipping towards a state with no Jewish majority, that is not Zionist nor democratic. Both the Association and Mr. Ya'alon have departed the age og innocence regarding the conflict, and therefore our main message is that one way or another, is that we need to disengage from the Palestinians. If possible, with an agreement, but if there is no choice, then unilaterally.
Following Zohars remarks, Mr. Ya'alon discussed the security challenges Israel is facing at this time, and noted during his talk that "it was a good decision not to take a stance on the Syria issue. When our Minister of Housing goes and says Assad should be eliminated, I'm sure the Prime Minister gave him a bash on the head.
When someone says we need to destroy Hamas, then so he says... So let's assume we did destroy them, what do we do after that?
Weh nsomeone says we should go on a preemptive attack on the tunnels, and attacks, would the Arab states still give Israel 50 days to bring Hamas to their knees? And when they fire back at us in retalliation, because we attacked first, what would we say? And now? Why doesn't this same Minister go on a preemptive attack? Because a security policy is not Facebook Likes.
I do not see a chance of a safe and permanent solution in the near future. So we need to allow the Palestinians some sort of political independence. The Palestinians decided to separate into two entities - Gaza and the West Bank. Abu Mazen does not want to take responsibility for Gaza, and that's why he also departed the talks we had with him in April 2014, and this is also why he still finances terrorists."
Moreover, Mr. Ya'alon stated: "I supported the Oslo Accords. I prize human life over land. Until I was assigned as the head of the Military Intelligence Directorate and found that Oslo was like Swiss cheese, with more holes than cheese. Because for the Palestinian leadership, the '67 lines and division of Jerusalem are not th end of the conflict, but rather the '48 lines. So if there is no chance of an agreement being reached, we should allow for a territorial separation, that is not quite a state like all other states. Rabin defined it as a Palestinian Entity that would be less than a state - they called it an autonomy or self-governance - but it would be demilitarized. Rabin was a security-rightist, and today might have bene considered far-right, but his legacy was Peace Now. According to this view, there is much to do. Part of that is promoting moves "bottom-up". We are siamies-twins, their economic drive is working in Israel, or work from Israel, and we sohuld continue managing the conflict, because that is better for us."
To watch Mr. Zohar and Mr. Ya'alon's full remarks (in Hebrew), please click here.
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